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Engraving - Message Ideas


Below are some ideas for short sayings that would work well on wine bottles. If you would like to see sample messages that can be engraved on toasting glasses, please visit our Toasting Glasses section.



Friends are the 
wine of life.

Make this day 
a celebration!

May mirth & merriment 
fill your days.

Holiday Greetings

Best wishes for a 
warm and happy
holiday season.

Best wishes for a
bright and beautiful
Christmas season.

Deck Them Halls Y'all!
Have a Merry One.

Joyous Yuletide Wishes
To You and Yours

May all the Blessings
of the Season 
Shine Upon You

May Contentment Fill
Every Corner of
Your Christmas.

New Baby

To Hug and to Hold
From This Day Forward.
Congratulations on
Your New Baby!

Congratulations on
Your New Arrival!

Welcome to the
Night Shift...the Hours
Are Lousy but the 
Benefits are Great!

Congratulations on the
Sweet New Addition
to Your Family

Father's Day

Thank You For Making
Family Such a
Beautiful Word!

With Love to You
Happy Father's Day!

Thanks for giving me
the finer things in life...
your time, your care,
and your love!

Valentine's Day

The joy you bring 
to everything always 
warms my heart.


To the 
Bride & Groom

____ & ____
Wishing You all the Best
in your new life together!

In Celebration of
the Marriage of
_____ & _____

Sending Warmest

Wishing You a Lifetime 
of Happiness Together

Wishing You Every
Happiness in Your New
Life Together

May your love grow
more beautiful with
each passing year.

Birthday Greetings

Lordy, Lordy,
Look Who's Forty!

May the Simple Joys
of Life Fill Your
Special Day!

Wishing You a 
Wonderful Birthday

Happy Birthday
Will All My Love

May you enjoy every
day of the coming year.

Wishing You a Year
Full of Love & Joy


Congratulations and
Best Wishes for
Continued Success!

May Today's Success
Be the Beginning of
Tomorrow's Achievements.

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
With All My Love

Your love has helped
make the world such
a wonderful place!

There is no blessing
quite so dear as a 
mom like you to 
love year after year.

Thinking of you with
love today and always.

Thinking of You

May joy and contentment
be yours...
today and always.

Anniversary Wishes 
for the couple

May you always be
each other's greatest gift!
Happy Anniversary!

Wishing lots of happiness
to two special people
on their Anniversary.

Anniversary Wishes 
to each other

Like a fine wine,
our love grows richer
with each passing year!

All My Love --
To the One Who
Shares My Life

Always and Forever...
That's How Long
I'll Love You

You've Made Every Moment
Worth Remembering


Thinking of you and
the Friendship we share.

Your thoughtful ways have
made my days more
bright and beautiful.

Thank You

Especially for you,
with heartfelt gratitude.

A note to thank you
for the beauty you
bring into the world.

Thanks for your hospitality!

Our sincere thanks for
all your good wishes
and very lovely gift.

Romantic Sayings

To the world you are
someone, but to someone
you are the world.

Love is the bridge
between two hearts.

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