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PenDance Calligraphy & Engraving

Engraving - Toasting Glasses



Toast each other on your wedding day with toasting flutes personalized in beautiful hand lettering! You provide the toasting glasses or goblets, and we'll provide the personalization. We can engrave glass, metal, or crystal stemware.

For glass or crystal toasting flutes, we recommend including both the bride and groom's first names and the wedding date on the glass. In case one flute gets broken, you'll still have the other one with both your names on it.

Hand-engraved Glasses

  • Your names and wedding date can be engraved on the bowls (top part) of the glasses in a flowing script style.
  • The bases of the glasses can be engraved with a special saying or verse.
  • You can also engrave your names and wedding date on the base in case the bowl of the glass is carved and not smooth, such as hand-cut crystal glasses or Waterford flutes.


Hand Engraving - First Names & Date


Hand-engraved toasting glasses - Style 1 Horizontal Script
Hand Engraving - Horizontal Script  


Detail of base
Hand-engraved detail on base: "I am my beloved's
and my beloved is mine."





Order engraving or sandcarving by emailing or faxing us the following information, and we'll provide you a quote for engraving your glasses:
  • Horizontal or diagonal format for the top of the glass
  • Name (or title like 'Matron of Honor')
  • Date 
  • Message for base (optional) - suggested sayings appear below

Many brides purchase additional glasses for their attendants, parents, and family. If you like, you can choose other words to be engraved such as "Maid of Honor", "Best Man", "Mother of the Bride", etc. in place of the name.


Toasting glasses for parents of bride and groom


We will engrave the date in exactly the format you provide. Example formats include:
  • June 5, 2004 
  • 06 ● 05 ● 04 
  • 6 ● 5 ● 04 
  • 6 ● 5 ● 2004 
  • Or choose your own format (please be specific).


Add a custom message to the base of each glass

Engraving a short custom message around the base of the glasses is a great way to personalize each glass with a special message for the recipient. (Engraving around the base must be done with hand engraving, it generally can't be done with either machine or laser engraving.) 

We had one customer personalize her bridesmaids' glasses with phrases like:

  • "Jenny, Chance made us sisters, Love made us friends." 
  • "Kate, For times shared and more to come." 

The letters create a beautiful pattern around the base.

Suggested messages for the bride & groom glass bases: 

  • I give you my love, now and forever.
  • I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine.
  • Your love is my happiness.
  • God for me provided thee, never to part.
  • To times shared and more to come.
  • You have my whole heart for my whole life.
  • Each for each other, both for God.
  • All my love, all my life, forevermore
  • Endless as this shall be our bliss.
  • Forever in my Heart from this day on.
  • Respect ● Trust ● Hope ● Patience ● Humor ● Love
  • No Heart more true than mine to you.
  • You and no other are my strength and love.

Suggested messages for the attendants' glass bases:

  • "Chance made us sisters, Love made us friends."
  • "For times shared and more to come."
  • "You're special to me."
  • "Thanks for your friendship."

Suggested messages for the parents' glass bases:

  • "I love you Mom."
  • "To a loving father."
  • "My mother... my friend."
  • "World's Greatest Dad."
  • "Thanks for loving me." 


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