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PenDance Calligraphy & Engraving

  Engraving - Personalized Wine & Liquor Bottles

NOTE: Available only for customers who can deliver to and
pick up their bottles from our studio in Houston, Texas.

Is your wit Dry or Sparkling?

Need a gift with Spirit?

What better way to say "Cheers!" “Thanks!” “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations!” than with personalized wine and liquor bottles engraved with names, dates, and short messages.

Gifts of wine and liquor are always appreciated and they look AMAZING when engraved! The happy recipient may even ask you to share the bottle with them!

Engraved wine bottle by Maureen Vickery

"Valerie & Ross
October 18, 2003
Wishing you all 
the best in your 
new life together."


Engraved wine bottle by Maureen Vickery

"Love is composed 
of a single soul 
inhabiting two bodies. 
-- Aristotle"


Most orders can be turned around in 5-7 business days. All engraving is done free-hand, not by machine or sandblasting.

We can engrave above and below the labels (we don’t remove them), up the sides of the bottles, on the back, wherever there’s a smooth surface. And Yes! we can engrave on curved surfaces.

Engraved messages are filled with either gold or silver paint to complement the bottles’ labels.

You can request simple (copyright-free) line drawings to be engraved, but not logos or complicated artwork. For logos we recommend that you contact a trophy shop that offers sandblasting services.

Try to pick bottles that don't have seams across the front of the bottle where the labels are located.

How to Order

Email Maureen with the following information at

  1. Name/description of the wine or liquor

  2. size of the bottle

  3. Quantity to be engraved

  4. Replacement value

  5. Message(s) to be engraved

  6. Due date

NOTE: We prefer NOT to engrave sparkling wines due to their explosive nature…ask us how we know this! Fortunately the bottles that went kablooey waited until a few hours after Maureen had engraved them – yeah, it was a mess.

If you really want a bottle of champagne engraved, it will be at your own risk since you have been warned!

PenDance will not replace sparkling wines in the event that the bottles shatter after engraving, nor be responsible for any damage an exploding bottle may cause. Engraved sparkling wines should be stored securely in your car’s trunk when being transported, just in case.

Engraving Ideas & Sayings

Personalized bottles provide a unique and festive way to send greetings and thank-you’s to your family and guests. 

  • Send best wishes to the bride & groom  
  • Celebrate birthdays & anniversaries
  • Show customers your appreciation
  • Award tournament & contest winners
  • Praise coworkers for a job well done
  • Congratulate new home owners
  • Say thanks in style

Below are some sample sayings to engrave on your wine bottles:


Two Hearts…One Love   
Wedding Date

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together.


All my love – to the one who shares my life.
Forever in my heart.

Friendship/Hostess Gift:

Wine a little! You’ll feel better.
Friends are the wine of life!

New Baby:

Welcome to the night shift!
Mother’s Happy Juice


Over the hill and picking up speed!
Young at heart, slightly older in other places.

House Warming:

It's really your cat's house - you just pay the mortgage.
May your home be warm and your friends be many.


A retired husband is often a wife's full-time job.
Retirement takes all the meaning out of weekends.


May mirth and merriment fill your days.
Behold, I give you the secret to a Happy New Year!

Minimum fees do apply for engraving services. Please see our Engraving Price List for further details.

See our sample messages article for ideas for how to personalize your wine bottles for holidays, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. 


Engraved wine bottle by Maureen Vickery

"Friends are the wine of life."
Grapevine artwork with hand engraving
beneath the label.


Engagement wine bottle

Joey & Brilynn
on your engagement.
We wish you the best!
June, 2003"


  Engraved wine bottle by Maureen Vickery

"Lisa & Josh
As one, 
may you grow 
in faith and love.
June 12, 2004"


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