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PenDance Calligraphy & Engraving

Calligraphy for Houston, Texas and Nationwide

PenDance helps you commemorate life’s special occasions with fine hand calligraphy and computer calligraphy, offering many styles to suit your taste and budget. Maureen and Don Vickery have been offering hand and computer calligraphy to brides, wedding consultants, stationers, and caterers for over 13 years.

Our services include envelope addressing, place cards and escort cards, and custom invitation design.

Need a special gift or thank you? We can hand engrave custom messages on wine and liquor bottles for any occasion!

We can also help you create tomorrow’s heirlooms - handwritten love letters, wedding vows, marriage certificates, and family tree designs.

Envelope Addressing

We offer a variety of lettering styles for envelope addressing to suit your taste and budget, beginning as low as $1.75 per set of outer/inner envelopes. Most computer calligraphy jobs can be turned around in 3 to 5 business days.

Learn more about the difference between hand vs. computer calligraphy in our Articles & Resources section.

Copperplate and Spencerian are popular hand calligraphy choices for invitation design, envelope addressing, and place card or escort card fill-ins. Other lettering styles are also available. 

Place Cards & Escort Cards

Place cards and escort cards can also be addressed by hand calligraphy or computer printing.

PenDance now offers our own tent card stock that you can purchase with either hand calligraphy or computer calligraphy fill-ins. This saves you time in shopping for cards, and you don't have to worry about providing 10% extra...you only purchase the number needed for your guests!

We also offer table signs to match the place cards.

Computer calligraphy for place cards or escort cards is only available on our stock, but hand calligraphy is available on any stock.


Invitation Design

Invitation Designed in Hand CalligraphyMaureen Vickery, our calligrapher, designs custom wedding invitations in various hand lettering styles - from traditional script to flourished and fanciful. You can have the entire invitation in hand calligraphy, or just the bride and groom's names to make them stand out on your typeset invitation.

Simply send us the dimensions of your invitation pieces, the wording, and the calligraphy style you prefer, and we'll create the artwork to email to your favorite stationer or printer.

Turnaround time is about one week after we start the design.

Hand Engraving

We can engrave many items that can't be handled by traditional machine engraving or laser engraving.


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PenDance Calligraphy & Engraving retains all rights to the content of this web site, as well as all calligraphy and engraving artwork we produce on behalf of our clients. Our artwork and designs may only be used for each specific job we created them for. The client, stationer, and printer agree that our artwork will not be copied, re-engineered, re-purposed, edited to create derivative works, resold, reprinted, given away, or re-used in any way that would violate our copyright.


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