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PenDance Calligraphy & Engraving

Price List - Hand Calligraphy


Policies for Hand Calligraphy Services

  • The minimum charge for any hand calligraphy job is $45.
  • All calligraphy services are subject to sales tax (for Texas residents only).
  • After an envelope job is completed and delivered, and you request additional envelopes to be addressed afterward, there will be a $15 set up fee for each additional batch of envelopes to be addressed, even if there is only one envelope in a batch. Therefore, please provide the changes/additions to us all at one time, if possible, rather than a few at a time.
  • Clients must provide at least 10% extra items, with a minimum of 10 extra items (envelopes, place cards, table sign paper). For metallic-coated papers, please provide 15% extra items.
  • Clients are responsible for any delivery or shipping charges.
  • PenDance retains the copyright for all hand calligraphy designs.


Envelope Addressing

Prices do not include writing the return address on the outer envelope. We assume that this was already done by the printer or stationer.

NOTE: Prices for hand addressing include up to 3 lines per outer envelope and 1 line per inner envelope. Additional lines are $0.50 each for monoline styles and $1.00 each for pointed pen or broad pen styles. 

Artful Series

2.75 Outer & Inner envelopes
2.25 Outer envelope only
1.00 Inner envelope only

Bella Series

3.00 Outer & Inner envelopes
2.50 Outer envelope only
1.25 Inner envelope only

Classic Series

3.25 Outer & Inner envelopes 
2.75 Outer envelope only
1.50 Inner envelope only

Dazzler Series

3.75 Outer & Inner envelopes 
3.25 Outer envelope only
1.75 Inner envelope only

Esprit Series

4.25 Outer & Inner envelopes 
3.50 Outer envelope only
2.00 Inner envelope only

Ink colors other than black

$20 flat fee

Matching a font style

Request quote.


Place cards and escort cards using PenDance's stock of 2.5" x 5" tent cards available in Crane's Fluorescent White, Pearl White, or Ecru

Place card with single name only, includes name written in hand calligraphy

2.00 each

Escort tent card with name(s) written on the outside and table number written either under the name(s) or inside the card


2.25 each

Place cards, escort cards, and response cards (customer provides the cards)

Tent card or plain card with no envelope

1.25 each

Escort envelope and card with names on envelope and table number or name on the card

Tent card with name on outside and table number or name on inside

1.50 each set

Additional lines of text on the card, such as menu choice

0.50 per line

Additional fee for ink colors other than black

$20 flat fee

Table signs (customer provides the paper)

The word "Table" + numeral
(example: Table Two)

4.50 for first word, 1.00 for each additional word

Table Names
(examples: "Rose", "Daisy", "Pansy", etc.)

4.50 for first word, 1.00 for each additional word

The word "Table" + numeral
(example: Table 2)

5.00 each

Numeral only, spelled out
(example: Two)

4.50 for first word, 1.00 for each additional word

Numeral only 
(example:  2 )

3.00 each

Additional fee for ink colors other than black

$20 flat fee

Additional wording or  embellishments

Request quote.

NOTE: If the sign is to be double-sided, add an additional 50% to the prices stated above. 


Wedding Invitation Design

This service includes creating the artwork for all the pieces of the invitation. It does not include printing services or writing out the invitations by hand.

We will provide you the artwork in electronic format and email it to your favorite printer or stationer for printing.

The price does not include additional embellishments such as monograms or other ornamentation. Please request a quote for additional items.

The cost includes 3 revisions to the design. In other words, you will have 3 opportunities to make changes after the initial draft. Additional revisions after 3 (i.e., beginning with the 4th draft) will be billed at a minimum of $50.00 per revision.

After final delivery of the design, any requested changes will be billed at $75.00 per revision. This applies even if no revisions to the design were requested prior to final delivery.

Invitation Design

225.00 and up

For flourishing around the bride and groom's names, add $20 to the invitation design fee.

Price depends on the lettering style, number of lines, and the amount of flourishing desired.

Outer envelope return address 

35.00 and up

Response card 

65.00 and up

Response envelope return address 

35.00 and up

Reception Card 

75.00 and up

Within the Ribbon Card 

25.00 and up

Bride and Groom's names only in hand calligraphy

This is a less expensive alternative to having the entire invitation designed in hand calligraphy.

The bride and groom's names are designed in hand calligraphy and the stationer or printer typesets the rest of the invitation.



Add 20.00 for flourishes surrounding the names, such as on the Amanda or Jennifer invitations.

The cost includes two revisions to the design. In other words, you will have two opportunities to make changes after the initial draft. Additional revisions after two will be billed at 30.00 per revision.

Monogram Design

Monograms can be used on wedding program covers, reception napkins, menus, etc. 

NOTE: If you would like to see more than one design, additional fees will apply.

125.00 and up for 2 letters

175.00 and up for 3 letters

Final price depends the complexity of the design. 

The price includes two revisions to the design. Additional revisions after two will be billed at 45.00 per revision.


Prices apply to items the customer provides to be calligraphed. Prices are in U.S. Dollars. 

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